Vibram Shoes – What are they and why you should wear them

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Vibram Shoes – What are they and why you should wear them

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vibramIn the 1930’s, Vitale Bramani owned a mountain sports supplies shop in Milan,Italy. In 1935, he lost six friends in a climbing expedition accident in the Italian Alps. Bramani believed much of the blame was due to their inadequate shoes, and he was determined to find a way of making a safer climbing sole. Two years later, Vitale joined forces with Leopoldo Pirelli, a tire manufacturer to launch the first shoe sole made of vulcanized rubber, and the Viibram (pronounced “Vee-bram”) company was born. He launched the first rubber lug soles on the market with a tread design called the Carrarmato meaning “tank tread” in Italian, which is still produced today. The sole was designed to provide excellent traction on a wide range of surfaces and have a high degree of abrasion resistance. They are extremely durable. In 1999 Marco Bramani teamed up with Robert Fliri, a design student from Vinschgau, Italy. The glove-like footwear design immediately appealed to Marco. It was the perfect solution for protecting feet from sharp objects while giving a responsive grip in unstable conditions. The pair worked together to create the original Fivefingers® Classic, which mimics the look and mechanics of being barefoot.
What are the health benefits of Vibram shoes?
Going barefoot can boost energy levels, combat stress, can improve blood pressure and heart rate, help asthmatic and respiratory condidtions, sleep apnea, strengthen the immune system, help with chronic muscle and joint pain and improve fasting glucose levels in diabetics. FiveFingers offers you a deeper connection with your surroundings. No matter where you go, they deliver subtle signals that energize your body and lift your spirit. They act as a conduit between your body’s sensory system and the earth. They give a smoother, more natural walking motion. With improved foot contact to the ground, specific muscles on the foot and the legs will also get more strengthening. Stimulation of muscles in the foot and legs is also beneficial for those who have musculo-skeletal ailments. Toes will improve in terms of range of motion when using Vibram shoes. More nerve endings on the soles of the feet will also be stimulated and this will result in better communication from the foot to the body and brain. With better neural stimulation, you can also experience more stability when walking and running. These shoes can help with a variety of problems such as shin splints, knee pain and back ache. So, in short, if you love to go barefoot and be more in tune with nature, these shoes are definitely worth trying!
I can say from personal experience, they are very comfortable. It feels like my walking and balance has improved and I can feel my calf muscles getting a workout, but they are not sore or anything. I don’t know how they will be in the winter in the snow yet, but they have good tread on the bottom so that may work out just fine. I would definitely recommend them. You can find them here Vibram shoes

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