Bulletproof Your World!

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Bulletproof Your World!

coffee-and-beansYou may have heard of Bulletproof Coffee by now. It seems to be all the rage these days! Bulletproof or fatty coffee as it is also known, involves adding good fats to your coffee like butter and MCT Oil to the coffee. But why would you want to put butter and MCT Oil in your coffee?
First, we should look at what MCT Oil is. MTC’s are Medium Chain Triglycerides are a fat particle found in coconut oil and palm oil. MCT Oil is comprised of primarily caprylic and capric fatty acids. It is odorless and liquid at room temperature. When MCTs are absorbed into the blood stream, they bypass the digestion process that longer chain fats go through. MCT oil is transported directly to the liver where it is metabolized so it releases immediately as energy. There is a significant increase in the number of calories burned. This means fewer are stored as fat, which helps to reduce body fat levels.
Medium chain triglycerides, convert into ketones through a process called ketosis. Ketones are breakdowns of the fat that our body can use for fuel and energy. Parts of the brain that have been damaged such as through stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or traumatic brain injury can improve with the use of MCT Oil. MCT’s are also great for boosting the immune system. Singular medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) act as natural antibiotics—boosting the immune system and fighting off harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Some other benefits of MCT’s are they can promote weight loss, may help blood sugar balance, Give long lasting energy, help improve digestion, and helps cleanse and detoxify the body.
The butter used in bulletproof coffee should be grass-fed unsalted butter. Butter is full of nutrients. It is a great source of Vitamins A (an antioxidant), D (immune system strength), E (protects the cardiovascular system), K (helps with blood clotting), and K2 (bone strength). Butter helps keep the joints lubricated and mobile, helps fat-soluble vitamins be absorbed by the body, is a great source of healthy dietary cholesterol and provides a balanced source of Omega 3’s and 6’s.
The coffee used in bulletproof or fatty coffee should be organic. Because coffee grows in tropical climates, it often gets contaminated with mold when it’s picked and processed. One study found that 91.7% of green coffee beans tested were moldy. Roasting the green coffee beans kills off the mold but before it dies, that mold releases heat-resistant toxins that are toxic to your body and your brain. They are the same kinds of “mycotoxins” you are exposed to if you live in a house contaminated with toxic mold except you are drinking them! These toxins are invisible to the naked eye, so the tainted coffee still looks normal, and smells good. Most people do notice a difference in taste. Pure, clean coffee tastes clean and smooth, not acidic and bitter. The only way to be certain that your coffee is clean is to go all the way back to the source. To know exactly where it comes from and how it’s picked and processed. Try it today and you will see the benefits of drinking a healthier cup of coffee that is free of mold and other toxins! You may never want to drink regular coffee again! Below is the recipe to make Bulletproof coffee.
How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is normally made using a french press, but if you do not have one it can be made using the steps below.

Brew your coffee as you normally would using filtered water and organic coffee or Bulletproof Coffee. If you prefer the whole beans to grind yourself, you can get them here.
Pour 1 to 2 cups of coffee (8 to 16 ounces) into a blender. Add 1 tablespoon of MCT or Brain Octane oil  and 1 tablespoon of grass-fed unsalted butter ( I use Kerry Gold). You can add up to 2 tablespoons each, but you can begin with 1 tablespoon until you acquire a taste for it.
Mix at high speed for 30 seconds to one minute until it is frothy, You can also use a handheld milk frother if you do not have a blender. Enjoy!
If you want it sweeter, try adding a adding a few drops of stevia or a teaspoon of vanilla or cinnamon. Do not add sugar as the energizing benefits from the butter, coffee and oil will be lost.

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